Young Riders                               

We like to start all our Beginner/Novice riders on the lunge line to begin working on good seat and balance. We have a number of sensible and comfortable horses which helps us to teach you to sit well and learn to canter.              

  Lesson prices range from $30.00 to $55.00.

Many of our younger students are keen to jump and our lesson horses have started many riders over fences. 

As our riders gain experience we are able to offer riding and jumping in our large outdoor arena.    

Adult Lessons 

Dressage    Lungeing    Gymnastics    Cross Country     Stadium Jumping

We encourage groups when they are of a similar level and we find this works very well for various jumping exercises. 

Dressage Lessons:


Schooling to 3rd Level on your horse. Learn to leg yield, shoulder in, sit the trot and more on our lower level lesson horses. The horse shown in this picture (above) is for sale and for lessons to suitable riders. Rio is currently schooling 4th level.

If you are interested in learning to ride, we have beginner safe horses that have started many riders on the flat and over fences. Often clients trailer in with their own horses for lessons at our barn and can stay over night or longer.


We are continuing to build and expand our schooling cross country fences and we are also fortunate to be ten minutes away from CS&W Farms  ( )which has  many BN to Prelim fences, including water, banks, ditches etc.. There are also several other facilities within half an hour with excellent cross country schooling.

Share Boarding:
As well as your regular lesson program, you could have more riding time if you choose to share board one of our lesson horses that are perfect for a novice to intermediate rider.

15.3 TB/Quarter horse cross (above), jumping 3-3'3" courses with ease, has schooled Novice cross country - including water and ditches - with no problem. Can be forward but is not a hot horse. Available for part lease or share board.
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