Full Board in our 9 stall barn includes all basic care: Daily turnout, night turnout in the summer (our horses have a lot of turnout but it can be limited for medical concerns or owners request), blanketing, boots as necessary, fly spray, minor wounds care. Vet of your choice will be called in times of emergencies. Stalls are mucked out daily and, when horses are in, picked "out" regularly (including at night check in winter).

Show Board

Includes all of the above plus: daily grooming and feet picked (this can be timed for your ride if requested), tack cleaning, washing of saddle pads and boots, manes pulled, and trimming on a regular basis.

24/7 Board

All horses grained and hayed (am and pm). In colder weather there is also extra hay at night check. Also includes: blanket changes, fly spray and masks. Ample size run in sheds are cleaned on a daily basis. Any injury or medical issue will be dealt with promptly.

Board Ranges from $400.00 to $1100.00. Please inquire at the barn for current rates.

This is a training barn and we only take boarding horses for schooling or where the riders are involved in our lesson program with our resident trainer.


Additional Charges and Services Available

Extra costs will be incurred by the owner when time consuming care is required for illness or injury. For example - soaking for bruises, hand walking etc..
Laundry services are available, including light weight blankets
Clipping, manes, trimming, winter body clipping

Some horses require routine massage and/or Chiropractic treatments and we are very lucky to have access to knowledgeable and experienced practitioners

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